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cook >> a man is dead following an officer involved shooting we are on the scene were officials are trying to figure out what happened this afternoon. >> the 19 row was pronounced dead just after 7:00 p.m. saturday evening this is how happened right behind me at third an old bill. they say that he was detained in took off running and lead to officers on foot chase for about one block when he shot at them and they had no choice but to fire back. >> if someone fired a police with a firearm, officers are entitled to
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shoot back in self-defense. >> the incident took place in broad day about 4:44 p.m. they say it happen when the victim still produce a valid muni transfer, but they believe he was unarmed. >> i did nasty shots coming backwards i just saw shots going forward. >> he down his knees and to the position just like that and they let out fire. >> several dozen police vehicles respond to the scene as well as officers in gear and an assault vehicle. police and several hours following the shooting in canvassing the area where the shooting happened. they're looking garbage cans, and they take off the block where the shooting happened but no weapons have been found. a 19 year-old man is dead following a shooting that happen on the muni platform. >> hayward police are talking with witnesses try
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to determine a motive in the killing of oscar grants best friend. top rents on as officials conducted their investigation. >> years eve 2009 it has taken in a tragic turn this young man was with oscar grant that night he was shot. they say that this young man was sitting in a park car friday night when one suspect approach and fired several rounds before running away. >> now oscar is gone and now he's gone and it is that it hurts. >> mourners assigned a makeshift memorial at the station in hayward. >> asked the question when does it end? >> this is grant's uncle was been a spokesman for the grant family has been the first day year to respect. >> here we are, standing
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today, you know, looking at this picture very similar to the picture that he present to me for oscar. >> the tragedy troubles both families as they deal with another debt of those involved in the events of 2009. >> there's nothing wrong that this young man was doing in the past two years and especially after the death of oscar. he was in school, he was being a father he was loving his children he was spending time with the family. >> hayward police investigators do not believe the shooting was rarandom although a motive has not been determined. >> it is my hope that if anyone knows what happens to john, they stepped to the plating give that information because a wrong has been committed. the and and has been innocently shot while sitting in his vehicle weighing on his friend to meet him. seat
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>> he leaves behind two young sons, he was 25 years old. >> family and friends held a vigil to remember him at the hayward gas stations where he was shot. we have more on the emotional gathering. >> someone took john's life at the gas station not these people came together to celebrate his life. >> he has so much kindness, so much respect and he would come over to the house he would stay high iron teeth. he would have a big smile and the cubs. he was loving, caring and giving. he was the most perfect young man. >> family, friends, even strangers tell hand to honor a young man that they say died too soon. as his sister broke down as friends remember a man that try to better his life. one of his aunts and said that he was attending college to become an electrician. >> he loved life and wanted
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to succeed. >> his life evolves around his two young sons, his relatives say that is because he was raised by a single mother. >> he wanted to be a positive role model he wanted to be the dad that his dad was not for him. >> this was him scene in his 2009 interview his mother cannot make the vigil because it was too painful for her. she said the death of oscar brand deeply traumatized john to. they were best friends in fact when they were teenagers oscar grant used to write letters to john even though it live close by. the family says that john kept all those letters. instead of demanding justice for oscar grant, his friends are now seeking justice for him. >> my brother was i supposed to go, and whoever knows something should come forward we have to get this solved. [music]
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>> a lot of fog today we have readings only in the '60s and '70s and no summer heat here in the bay area a nice time to give the air conditioning a break. we may be needed in a little bit i will tell you when to expect that temperatures in the '50s and '60s antioch checking and, fog has moved inland already. the cloud will slowly cleared through the morning it will take a while before we see sunshine in some places. we may have a couple of breaks in the afternoon but for most places mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon with breezy wins possibly topping 30 mph. it will be cool, making for temperatures once again for the '50s and the coast, '60s around the base '70s for the east bay, south bay and north bay perhaps the warmest place is reaching 80 degrees. i will talk about how much longer the cool
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weather will last coming up. >> we have a programming note to tell you about we will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m.. we will run america has talent followed by law and order criminal intent. kron4 news will air at 10:00 p.m. that is monday on kron4. ♪
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>> car addicting residents of los angeles have to get more creative because the shutdown of a main freeway kicked off early this morning. we have more details in this report. >> the shutdown of the titmouse stretch of the heavily traveled freeway in los angeles kicked off early saturday. the event was so dreaded even learned itself a sinister sounding nickname however so far mike with the california department of transportation says... >> the warning that we put out in the media has been successful people have stayed away from the area
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which has allowed us to progress on the project very nicely. it >> that includes demolishing a bridge in adding car pool lanes. the mayor says he realizes the challenge that the city faces. >> we are the car capital of the u.s. and the single passenger car cacapital. >> othe media has done an outstanding job of getting the word out to motorists, traffic was light, we were able to start some of the planned construction a little early. >> usually this is one of the busiest freeways caring about five and a thousand cars per day. the story said this will be open in time for monday morning rush hour. >> democrats and republicans have been trying to hammer out a deal for weeks now with no luck. we
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>> police continue to investigate the body of the 21 year-old woman that was burned on the street last thursday. police tha-- police believe that she was killed somewhere else. >> the parents of monica continue to mourn the loss of their only child. friends of family stop by to pay tribute to a shrine that they have for their daughter inside of the apartment. this day she was a wonderful daughter and mother to a two year-old son that she left behind. she says the issue is not scared to leave her house. according to the police, monica's body was
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found are residence on a quiet street around for 30 a.m. thursday morning. now family and friends are pleading for the place to find whoever is responsible for this. >> just do the job, that is what i want. for the police to do the job. to find a person that did this. >> monica's father is calling for the police to take care of the people in his community. he said i did not want this to happen to other parents, this is an injustice. i do not want this to happen again in oakland. they have not set a date for her funeral, right now they're working on fund raising efforts to cover the cost and taking care of the two year-old grandson. in oakland i and the coast at a cell with kron4 news. >> there will be a car wash tomorrow to raise money for her funeral and to build a trust fund for two year-old son. the fund raising will
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go from 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the ymca in oakland. during a press conference earlier today president obama said that he is pushing for a big deal in cutting spending and raising the debt ceiling, democrats and republicans have been negotiating for weeks but there is still no agreement. president obama uses on-line address to speak out to the people and the republicans were quick to fire back. >> i want to do it takes to solve the problem even if it is not politically popular i am expecting leaders in congress to show that same willingness to compromise. the truth is, you cannot solve the deficit without cutting spending. but you also cannot solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share or without taking on loopholes that gives special interests and the corporation tax breaks the middle americans do not get. >> the solution to a spending crisis is not tax increases but washington has consistently demonstrated
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they cannot control its surge to sprint. --to spend. that is why the only solution is a balance to spending in the constitution. >> casey anthony is now a free woman she stepped out of a florida jail about two hours ago but what happens now seems to be a big question mark. >> after been in custody for three years, caylee anthony walked out of an orlando jail the 25 hero was acquitted of murder and child neglect charges earlier this month in the 2008 death of kurt two year- old daughter caylee anthony. the jury's verdict was controversial. many felt she should of been found guilty in the toddlers death whose remains are found in 2008 in a wooded field. there is
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also concern that someone on--and happy to take a step further this facebook page says and i hate to get --i hate can -casey anthony-. >> she is like any other resident, we have the obligation to protect her security. >> her legal team says that they're unsure of her post incarceration plans. >> she was convicted of four counts of misleading investigators her attorney plan on appealing those convictions. >> of fog is the big weather word for tonight. visibility has been limited in said francisco and at the coast. the fog is deep and moving quickly. temperatures in the sixties and fifties.
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satellite shows that we have some weather systems and the pacific better scanning about. and they are actually affecting our weather. they will not bring any cloud or rain. but they're making for a lot of fog around here. we will see some strong seabury's wind 22 to 30 mi. per hour tomorrow. temperatures in the upper fifties and low 60s. if you're heading to the beach, and we will see another cool and cloudy day. the better weather is ahead. not in the meantime but maybe later next week. we have the fog pushing all the weight inland as well. fog basically everywhere. it will clear throughout the morning hours north of the
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san mateo bridge and south of richmond. that will clear bag by noon. clearing of the beaches by tomorrow afternoon maybe some breaks of sunshine but not as much fog as we saw today. 74 the north bay 75 sonoma, 74 napa 625 and cisco with the clouds slowly parting for the afternoon hours. we will have '60s into oakland, berkeley, school in richmond some fault in the morning for concord, livermore clearing now midmorning i would say. hi is only in the mid-70s. typical afternoon high inland around 90 degrees. '70s for the south bay with a high here is the seven day around the bay and his cloudy cool and when the pattern continues with a strong afternoon sea breeze all the way into the middle of next week. it will remain
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cool inland and by the bay. a little warmer next week. >> this is the new droid3 the world's thinnest keyboard smart phone it hits the market tomorrow i will give you a sneak peek coming up and my tech report.
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>> this is the droid 3 it keeps the popular slide out physical keyboard feature. this is one of the few on the market that has the slide out keyboards. if you like typing on real buttons, this is the phone to have. it is the best yet. here it is compared to the droid 2
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and my left hand. it has a 3.7 in. screen, this one has a 4 in. screen. and the keyboard has been redesigned and much better it is a lot bigger and more comfortable to type on. it has a fifth row for numbers so you when i have depressed the shift key. i really liked the feeling of this keyboard is the thinnest smart phone with the slide out keyboard on the market. it has a bigger screen but it is not any heavier is so good in the hand. it has an upgrade to eight meg of pixels and records and videos. it also has a front facing camera for video chatting. where it runs the end droid 2.3 gingerbread operating system or the latest and greatest and droid there is with all of the applications and the market. it is a new phone but not offered on the scourge of network it is 83 g fan--it is not offered on
11:27 pm
the verizon 4g network it is a 3g phone. thickening on what people do with their smart phone they may be better off with a less expensive 3g phone. it is on the market tomorrow with a two-year contract. how a >> of the women's soccer team are gearing up for tomorrow's world cup final. the women's team has already been japan twice this year. the last time team usa won the world cup was back in 1999. a win would mean the third world cup title for the u.s. women. and here's what you do watch at 11:45 p.m. and then go outside and enjoy the day. >> absolutely because in the morning it will be far be, but in the afternoon when the game is done we will then enjoy the sun. cool temperatures in the '60s for sanford says one oakland. mid-70s for san
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jose and just in the mid '70s inland. so, it is a nice day to the outside. >> we have planned everyone's day for them. that is if russ goodnight everybody.
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